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Gary J. Palin
Founder & Managing Director
Aircraft Leasing & Finance

Over 40 years' aviation management experience. Accountable manager since early 'eighties. Managed several airline and business jet operations worldwide and overseen more than 300 aircraft transactions. Former CEO of two regional airlines. Head of Aircraft Acquisitions & Leasing, Air 2000 & First Choice Airways (TUI), leading Boeing 787/GENx acquisition and contracting team. Parallel corporate aviation experience since 1983. Founding partner, Gryphon Aviation Partners.

Mark German
Head of Technical Services

Over 30 years' aircraft engineering and maintenance experience. Former Head of Aircraft Management at TUI airline group, responsible for combined fleet of several constituent TUI airlines across Europe. Project manager responsible for entry-into-service of Boeing 787. Parallel corporate aviation experience since 2015. Associated with Team since 2015. Founding partner, Gryphon Aviation Partners.

Capt. Nick Berryman
Flight Standards & Safety

Over 40 years' global aviation experience. Former UK Royal Air Force fast jet instructor and airline captain on widebody types, Captain and instructor on Bombardier Global models. Associated with Team since inception.

Mike Cappuccitti
VIP Aircraft Operations

Over 40 years’ aviation experience, commencing his career as an Air Force pilot rising to Officer Commanding Head of State VIP flight. Later Regional Vice-President for Bombardier where he led a significant number of jet sales transactions for the manufacturer. Subsequently launched VIP modification of CRJ regional airliner. Based Dubai. Founding partner, Gryphon Aviation Partners.

Mike Creed
Corporate Jets & Helicopters

Over 50 years' corporate aviation experience having led multiple fixed wing and helicopter transactions for major manufacturers, including as regional sales director and demonstration pilot. Now senior sector consultant. Resident Kuala Lumpur.

Enrico Foresti
Airline Strategic Planning

Over 30 years’ airline management experience, formerly engaged as Strategy Expert, Head of Network Agreements, Head of Revenue Management (Short-Haul & Long-Haul), Head of Business Development & Sales (Ground Handling), Software Developer, and Chief Information Officer for major scheduled carriers. MBA and MSc (Mathematics). Based Rome.

Andrew Jones
Compliance, Manuals

Over 40 years' global aviation operations experience. Former airline Operations Manager and current as European EASA airline Compliance specialist. Parallel corporate aviation experience since 2010. Associated with Team since inception.

Laima Matkeviciute-Palin
VIP / Passenger Service

Over 25 years' experience as senior VIP cabin crew, serving as airline and VVIP Head of State Flight Attendant and subsequently for high profile international private and corporate owners in finance, sport and property sectors. Founder Private Jet Concierge Limited. Associated with Team since inception.

Jack Raymond
Air Charter & Cargo

Over 30 years' experience in aircraft operations, charter and sales, passenger and cargo. Former Managing Director of ground handling company at the UK's Manchester Airport. Associated with Team since inception.

René Robergé
Aircraft Completions & Acceptance

Over 30 years' experience as aircraft engineer, initially with Canadian Air Force, later as a specialist engaged in multiple corporate aircraft completions and business jet and airliner acceptance. Associated with Team since 2012. Based Montreal.

Capt. Brian Teeder
Helicopter, Flight Safety, Compliance

Over 40 years' global aviation experience as heavy transport helicopter pilot, instructor and examiner. Former Aviation Manager, Auditor and later Head of Standards, Shell Aircraft for fixed-wing and rotary operations. Associated with Team since inception.

Capt. Ulrik Wiinblad-Rasmussen
Flight Standards, Safety

Over 40 years' global aviation experience. Former Boeing 747-400 captain, British Airways, and management pilot at SAS Commuter and Maersk (Denmark). Based Lyon.

Keith Wright
Aircraft Powerplants

Over 40 years' aircraft engine experience, including over 15 in overall powerplant management for large airline fleets, including Thomson Airways (TUI) where he later was also head of commercial engineering contracts. Former Rolls-Royce customer support engineer. Has held responsibility for significant fleets of CFM, GE and RR engines on-wing and off-wing. Led TUI's GENx Boeing 787 engine evaluation and its subsequent entry-into-service.

Tunde Ajayi
Associate (West Africa)

Over 35 years' experience in aviation sector involving regional, international and cargo operations. Engaged in airline start-ups, strategic expansion and advisory services both in the private and public sectors. Parallel regional corporate aviation sector experience. Associated with Team since inception. Based Lagos.

Sam Kneifati
Associate (MENA)

Over 35 years' experience in regional and global business as director and senior manager. Corporate aviation sector experience for over 20 years. Associated with Team since inception. Based Arabian Gulf.

Roger K Murphy
Associate (USA & Caribbean)

Over 40 years' management experience in airline ground and flight operations in Europe, the Americas and in Africa. Roger is a former scheduled airline CEO and Director of Operations. Associated with Team since inception. Based Turks & Caicos.

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