Audit & Investigation 

Expertise over many decades

With expertise over many decades, including supporting forensic audits and fraud investigations, the Interavia team provides the capability to professionally interpret available information while also the know-how required to look in the right places for additional cross-references.

Corporate Flight Department

Case Study: Interavia was retained to audit a southeast Asian BBJ corporate flight department at the request of the UHNWI Principal's Finance Director, only to find one of the best examples ever seen of a well-run private flight department. The audit was therefore concluded by the Interavia team early so as to reduce cost for the Principal and the very few material findings discussed openly; other findings being seen to be under effective remedial action by the departmental team and not deserving of further unnecessary or adversarial reporting.

Management Company Investigation

Case Study: Interavia was retained to audit an established multi-aircraft European commercial AOC business jet operator on behalf of an aircraft owner, finding few operational deficiencies however a large number of contractual and financial irregularities. This led to a full forensic audit, supported further by Interavia, and ultimately to the closing down of the operator concerned within a matter of weeks and coordinated transfer of all aircraft under management to other operators.

Lightning Strike

Case Study: Interavia was retained to investigate an un-documented lightning strike on a large trans-global business jet operated by a well-known commercial operator on behalf of the aircraft's UHNWI owner. A number of interviews were conducted, and evidence established. Un-reported lightning strikes on aircraft have been known to have caused significant damage to electronics and the delamination of critical composite structures.

Duplicate Flight Records

Case Study: Interavia team members were requested to investigate apparent misreporting of aircraft use by a commercial operator, resulting in the tracing of duplicate flight records and uncovering fraudulent activity by the operator concerned.

Recovery of Funds

Case Study: Interavia team members were requested to review purchase and lease documentation relating to a fleet of airline aircraft, resulting in the successful and immediate recovery of several million dollars in undisputed funds.

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