Aircraft Remarketing

Constantly tracking every jet aircraft on the global market

We constantly track every jet aircraft on the global market to ensure up-to-date information on trends, availability, pricing and status. Particular focus is on aircraft on the discreet market, not otherwise advised or known to be available.

Chapter 11 Administration

Case Study: Interavia has been retained to value an aircraft fleet and determine a preferred exit strategy for a European financier exposed to a US airline in Chapter 11 Administration.

Interavia has been retained by a number of entities to manage and oversee the effective and transparent remarketing of multiple business jet and airline aircraft.

In remarketing aircraft, we can provide an assessment of value, prepare the aircraft and records for sale, also filtering enquiries and arranging inspections by qualified buyers. In the meantime, we can arrange discreet asset protection, interim secure storage, care and maintenance and records retrieval.

Interavia can fully assist buyers in preparing conditional purchase offers, in determining pre-purchase inspection guidelines and ensuring proper oversight, also source maintenance, upgrade, refurbishment, training and finance solutions to smooth the transaction process, including ownership structures, certification, import, registration, insurance, also coordinating a turn-key entry-into-service where required.

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Interavia is a private European company providing airline and aviation advisory, project management, operations and technical consultancy services around the globe.


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