A wealth of knowledge and experience

The team behind Interavia Consulting was among the first in the World to sign a purchase contract for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the very first to sign a purchase agreement for its General Electric GENx powerplant.

Members of the team, each typically having well in excess of 25 years relevant management experience, have handled hundreds of aircraft transactions overseeing purchase and support service contracting, technical surveys, pre-purchase inspections, new and used aircraft deliveries, lease returns, major modifications, entry-into-service and day-to-day operations.

A wealth of knowledge and experience gained in all areas of airline and aviation management, with several hundred years of combined international management experience in the sector.

Skills cover every aspect of airline operations, engineering & maintenance, strategic planning, licensing, network planning, aircraft performance, cost and route analysis, finance & treasury, accounting, change management, human resources, fares & tariffs, revenue management, sales & marketing, purchasing and contracting, training, security, safety management, aircraft acquisitions and trading, aircraft finance & leasing, flight and ground operations, engineering & maintenance, and powerplants.

Other members of our team have enjoyed careers in national and international aviation legal matters, regulation and oversight, insurance, air transport infrastructure, airport planning, air cargo, VIP & corporate aviation, business jet cabin design, helicopter and float-plane operations. Experience in VIP and corporate aviation dates back to the early 'eighties.

Internal resources are supported by an exclusive network of close associates. Each are specialists in their respective fields, called upon to undertake particular aspects where their proven specialities and experience are of direct benefit.


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