Costs & Benefits

The cost of utilising a private aircraft is not inexpensive.

However, it is undeniably a proven business tool that brings considerable benefits, though many of which cannot however be attributed an immediate cash value.

Passengers can travel direct, discreetly, securely, and with a small group of people they know, also benefiting from a very personal level of on-board service, amenities and attention to detail unavailable on the airlines.

There is certainly a value to savings in direct management time, in greatly improved management versatility and in overall business efficiencies, in leaner management structures, and in the reduction or negation of other travel costs. The greatest benefits are in the ability to react immediately to business demands, wherever they may be.

However, the many benefits of using the private aircraft are not confined to business matters alone. The freedom to make discretionary journeys enhances the owner’s preferred lifestyle and that of those around him or her. The aphorism that work expands to fill the time available for it can be applied to private jet aircraft use as “travel expands according to the availability of the transport!”

A benefit to private aircraft users is the opportunity of using regional airports for speedier arrival and departure procedures for both passengers and aircraft, coupled with the use of private terminals and direct vehicle access to the aircraft, all negating the stress, frustration and increased concern associated with utilising overcrowded airport facilities.

The business jet environment is a private and secure space, an extension of one’s office, study or living room, permitting confidential conversation, as well as entertainment of choice and wining and dining to taste. Flight crew cannot hear what is being discussed and are in any event engaged purely in the operation of the aircraft. Cabin crew are carefully selected for their professionalism and discretion, being unobtrusive yet quietly attentive. A private flight attendant is selected to operate in a very personal and private environment akin to the owner's home or office, someone who knows how to deal with high profile individuals, their families and guests with absolute professionalism, respect and confidentiality.

Some users charter ad hoc as required, others buy into Jet-Card or fractional share schemes to meet regular needs, and a number acquire their own aircraft to assure availability and standards.

Private aircraft are now a mature segment of global aviation, from twin turbine helicopter and light jet at a domestic and regional level, up to large cabin long-range aircraft models capable of traversing the globe.  

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