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Establishment and management of flight operations worldwide

Interavia team-members have been involved in the establishment and management of numerous flight operations worldwide, passenger and cargo, global carrier and island-hopping commuter, from initial AOC application through to all aspects of efficient entry into service. We have been engaged in developing business plans supporting start-ups, turnarounds, privatisation, mergers and acquisitions, in providing due diligence support for leading advisory firms, and involved in the introduction and entry-into-service of multiple and diverse types.

Oil Services Company

Case Study: Interavia was retained by an oil services company to source and acquire its first aircraft, select crews and establish a turn-key flight department complete with manuals, forms, and procedures for safe and cost-effective operation worldwide. Interavia went on to negotiate and manage the acquisition of the client's first factory-new aircraft.

Global Mining Company

Case Study: Interavia was retained to source and acquire a large long-range business jet aircraft for a global mining company, select crews, draft manuals, develop procedures, and establish a turn-key flight department. Aircraft managed by associate company for some ten years.

Maintenance Organisation

Case Study: Interavia was retained by a commercial aircraft owner to prepare a suite of manuals, written procedures and forms for the establishment and certification of a base & line maintenance organisation serving its fleet of owned regional passenger aircraft. This included the creation of an Exposition, written Maintenance Procedures and a documented Safety Management System for approval and the provision of human factors training to designated personnel.

The team has also had experience over many years of developing Business Cases for substantial investments and strategies, yet being fully prepared to analyse objectively the merits or otherwise of a given case. 

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